You're moving house, so you need a home removal company. Before you can sell your current home, you must sell your current house. Rather than waiting until your home sells to move out all your belongings, consider storing some with your removalist while you sell your home.

The following are three reasons why that might be the best course of action for you:

Less Clutter!

Nobody wants to buy a home where they must downsize their belongings.

In contrast, if your house is stuffed with furniture, dishes, and clothes, potential buyers will think it lacks storage space. They'll move on to another clutter-free house. Your house is worth more than you think, but you will eventually have to drop the price.

You want buyers to envision themselves living in your home, so create more visual space for them. Your home's more attractive features will be drawn to their attention when you remove the furnishings that obstruct them. When the rooms are cluttered with personal items, they won't be able to imagine their own pieces.

Storage can save on dust!

When you're shopping for a new home, it's like working an extra part-time job. Working hard isn't easy. Even if your agent wants to show your home the following day, you might not have enough time to clean it.

It would save you time if your home removalist stored items that seem to attract dust bunnies like a magnet, and you'd still be able to show potential buyers a sparkling home. This is important to consider when you are about to embark upon an interstate removal.


The more you pack and store before you need to move, the less you'll have to pack after you find your dream home. After you've completed some of the hard work, you'll be less likely to procrastinate on packing the rest.

You should consider storing some of your belongings while waiting for the right buyer if you're selling your house. You may be surprised to find out how inexpensive it is to store your stuff with your removalist. Moreover, City Removalists offers free storage with prepayment for six months if you choose that removalist. The secure, economical storage facility at City Removalists will help you get a head start on your own removal and make your home more appealing to buyers.

We Offer Convenient, Cheap and Secure Storage

With our very own purpose-built storage facility, we can store your furniture and goods safely in a secure environment!

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