Perhaps you have a favourite family photo, China, and crystal you received as a wedding gift, or living room lamps your grandmother gave you. Moving these items is inevitable, but they require extra attention to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. Home removals might stump you with the question, “How do I pack fragile items safely?”

Preventing tragedies while moving is just a matter of being adequately prepared and having the right tools. If you want to pack your most delicate items delicately, follow these tips:


Taking inventory of fragile items is important for two reasons:

  • 1. Choose the ones that are worth your time. Would it be worth the added hassle and expense to move it if it was not sentimental and replaceable?
  • 2. It is important to know how much supplies are needed for fragile items.

Decide if you need to pack fragile items before you begin packing. You can then double-check whether they are in the right room in the new house by marking down which room they will be in.

Supplies for packing should be invested in.

Although moving is expensive, especially with fragile items, it is worth the investment. The fragile items need to be wrapped, separated, and packed in something that will keep them from damaging one another.

Bubble Wrapping

It is great for many reasons to wrap items with bubble wrap. Dropping or handling the breakables without care can cause them to break. This is very important on long interstate removals where there is a greater likelihood of damage as the distance is longer, No amount of bubble wrap is too much - so get as much as you can. We also have a list of greener alternatives to bubble wrap that you might find interesting.

Packing Paper

You still want to put packing paper between each item, even though bubble wrap should be used. Then, everything will stay organized and won't rub against one another.

Cardboard Boxes

Your final step is to pack the boxes. Prepare all your items and place them into their cardboard boxes. Keep similar items together. As an example, all plates would be in one box. Labelling and unpacking are easy, and packing is simple - all your plates should stack nicely, rather than trying to stack some plates, some bowls, and some coffee mugs together.


Label, label, label

Boxes can't have too many "fragile" labels. Packing a fragile box nicely and neatly, only to have it thrown around like it contains only shoes, is the worst thing that can happen.

Mark the boxes with a red marker or even red tape and write "fragile" and "handle with care." No matter who is moving the box or how it is being moved, make sure that this note is visible.

We understand how stressful and challenging moving can be. If you work with a professional removal company, a move will be easy and efficient - even if fragile items are involved.

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