Former owners are raking in dollar after dollar from Sydney homes, especially in the affluent areas, getting the right removalists in the eastern suburbs is important. A property stylist can help you maximize the price of your home if you are planning to move soon. To get started, follow these steps:

Start by decluttering and finding a storage!


Homes don't sell because they are filled with furnishings and treasured objects. When buyers are looking for a new home, they would like to picture themselves living there. Don't forget to pack up all the extras (such as family photos, holiday souvenirs, and sports memorabilia) and take them to a storage facility in the Sydney area. Select a storage unit that can be used both temporarily and long-term. So, if you don't plan to move until after you sell your current home, you're covered until then.

Many Sydney removalists offer packing services for an additional charge if you lack the time to pack your extra belongings yourself. We offer packing services removal services all over Sydney, including offering removalists in Parramatta.

Don't forget to declutter your home to make it appear more spacious. You want to make sure that your home will provide all the storage space your buyers may need.

Don't limit the Property Styling Company's Creativity

It won't be long before you're out of your house. You should let the property stylist handle the sale of your home.


It doesn't matter what kind of decorating style the stylist uses. When you hire a property stylist with years of experience working with people who are looking to move, you will know exactly what your buyers want. Consider how you will decorate your new house rather than how the stylist has altered your old one.

Make decorating your new home easier by labelling each packing box with the new room's name. It will make it easier for you to see what you have briefly. Organize each room by listing the belongings in it. When shopping for new furnishings even before moving you can refer to that list.

Identify the new room in which each of your packing boxes will go to make decorating your new home a breeze. It will give you an overview of what you have briefly. Plan by making a list of what belongs in each room.

The list can be used when shopping for new furnishings-even before you move.

Be sure to arrange for TLC for your most valuable possessions before the property styling company arrives. There is nothing worse than your potential buyer's toddler eating the remains of a peanut butter sandwich on top of your oil painting. Artwork for property showings can be provided by the property stylist.

You will be able to hire top-quality house removalists once you sell your home for a premium price. Get in touch with the relocation experts at City Removalists at 1300 441 331 to find out more about how you can save even more when you move. If you need interstate removals, please let us know as we do interstate removals as well as local.