Many city-dwelling Australians are contemplating moving to the country to escape their hectic urban lifestyle. A article reports that thousands of Australians have already moved. Before you are considering a rural home removal, you should consider several aspects of rural living, whether you are moving to the Blue Mountains or the scenic South-West.

Cheaper housing, but fewer jobs

Rural Australia is a great place to get a larger block of land for a lower price, especially interstate removals. The idea of a relaxed lifestyle in the country is appealing when real estate prices in major cities are skyrocketing. In-spite of this, you may have difficulty finding a job in your field if you do not telecommute.

A rural area's population is much lower than that of a city, so certain types of work aren't as in demand. Prior to selling your current home, seek out job opportunities. Make sure you have an emergency fund set aside in case finding a job proves more challenging than expected. Another option would be to learn another trade or start a business.

However, to continue enjoying rural life, make sure you give yourself plenty of options.

Take responsibility for your own well-being and know your neighbours!

Being isolated in a rural location can be shocking for many people who move from the city. If you need Internet access for your job, make sure you have enough connectivity. Get directions to the nearest medical facility.

Plan trips to the store carefully. A corner store isn't open 24/7 if you forget something. Ensure that your car is well stocked with petrol in case of an emergency. In case of power outages, have a first aid kit available and plenty of water.

Take up hobbies you don't need others to participate in. Since rural areas lack tradespeople, learn how to perform minor repairs. Get into the habit of cooking quick meals. Takeaway shops are few and far between in the country. Another aspect of rural living that surprises newcomers from the city is the sheer nosiness of neighbours.

From an urban jungle where your neighbours may not even know you, moving to an area where your fellow residents seem to know everything about your business may seem strange at first. Although this is a bad thing, it can actually be a good thing. It's common for neighbours to lend a hand in an emergency in rural areas.

Become familiar with your neighbours. Let's have a cup of tea and a chat at your house. You'll find them eager to reciprocate if you assist them when they need it. Finally, listen to them even though they may seem condescending.

It is they who are better acquainted with the area, its hazards, and its resources than you are. If you heed their advice, you'll save yourself time and effort in the future. You never know, right? It may even be possible for them to help you unpack boxes after the removalists have left!

Resources and Hazards in the Region

During the dry season, bushfires can ravage some rural areas in the country. Prepare an escape route, as well as a backup route, so you can reach safety in case of an emergency. Wildlife can also pose a threat. You should make sure that your pets are properly vaccinated and securely housed, that your children are warned, and that your first aid kit is regularly updated.

You have a great chance of succeeding in your move to the rural lifestyle when you follow these tips. If you are also considering a local move and need a removalist in Penrith, please give us a call on 1300 441 331.