Home Removal can be an exciting time for many people. It's a new home, a new neighbourhood, and new goals to look forward to. The most time-consuming and stressful hurdle you need to overcome before you can begin decorating your new home is packing, which takes up a lot of energy and time.

Additionally, different items require different packing techniques, making things even more challenging. When packing electronic gadgets and books, for instance, you would need to take different levels of care.


It is even more difficult to pack rare, fragile China. Let moving company professionals handle the job for you, and you'd save so much time and effort.

It's not a good idea to let other people handle sentimental family heirlooms if you have a tight budget or cannot bear the thought of others handling them. We'll show you how to pack breakable glassware and fine China for your upcoming move in this post. This is especially important during an interstate removal when your items are traveling long distances.

1. Packing materials should be assembled

If you want your China and glassware packing session to go smoothly, you'll need the right packing materials. Some of these include:

  • ● Packing boxes and tea chests for moving
  • ● Dividers for cells or cardboard
  • ● Packing paper in abundance
  • ● Bubble wrap
  • ● Cardboard pieces
  • ● Tape for packing
  • ● Marker with permanent ink
  • ● Your packing area or table should have enough space.

2. Glassware and China should be packed carefully

  • ● Make sure that plates, glassware, and fine China are kept in separate boxes as much as possible. Be sure all your dishes, glassware, and dinnerware are clean, complete, and ready for packing.
  • ● You can use a large sheet of packing paper to pack "regular" plates and saucers. Each plate in the set should be covered with a layer of packing paper. Sets should not exceed four pieces. Each set should be wrapped in another piece of packing paper for added cushioning.
  • ● You can do the same with bowls, but you shouldn't have more than three pieces in each set. Bubble wrap can also be used to wrap each set. Make sure each set is sealed with packing tape.
  • ● For teapots and similar items, wrap the body and cover separately in packing paper. Tape the two parts together once the packing paper or bubble wrap has been wrapped around them.
  • ● Packing paper or bubble wrap should be used to individually wrap glasses, cups, and mugs. Ensure the opening is stuffed with crumpled packing paper as well.
  • ● Glasses such as wine goblets and champagne glasses require special packing. If the flute is longer than three or four inches, fold the packing paper in three or four equal sections. For wrapping each stem of a glass, fold a packing paper. Wrap another piece of packing paper around each wine glass when you are finished. Fill each glass with crumpled packing paper.

3. Pack Everything in Dish Packs or Corrugated Boxes

Whenever you're ready to pack your fragile crystal and China, make sure you follow these steps:

  • ● Fill each box with crumpled packing paper.
  • ● Pack the heaviest items last. It is best to pack lightweight items on top or at the end of the pack.
  • ● Pack plates, saucers, bowls, and other items on their sides inside the box. Ensure these items are cushioned by placing crumpled packing paper on the sides, in between, and on top of them.
  • ● Put a piece of sturdy cardboard on top of the finished layer.
  • ● Put a cell divider on top of the cardboard piece when you're putting wine glasses in the same box. Then, carefully place each wine glass into its slot. Another cardboard piece should be placed over this section. In case more wine glasses are needed, repeat this step.
  • ● One last piece of cardboard should be placed on top of the box before it's closed. Once the box is closed, secure it with packing tape.
  • ● Marker with permanent ink
  • ● Label the box or indicate what is inside.

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