If parents don't prepare well for a home removal, moving can wreak havoc on a child's life, whether it's for work or a life change. Don't wait until the two men and the truck pull up before familiarizing your children with their new environment. Moving won't be traumatic for your children if you prepare ahead of time.

Be sure to prepare them well in advance!

Inform your children of your upcoming relocation as soon as you learn you'll have to move. Keep a positive attitude when uprooting your family and moving house.

As much as possible, involve them in the decision-making process. Allow them to be involved in every aspect of the process, from checking out new homes to choosing the removalists. Provide them with information on how to identify a good removal company or a good home. When you do this right, you'll be teaching them life skills that will be useful when they're looking for a home in their adult lives.

Familiarise Them with Their New Neighbourhood

It would be great if you could take them to see their new neighbourhood in person, though this could be difficult if it is an interstate removal. Introduce them to their new teachers and help them get acquainted with the area before they arrive. Keep in touch with them during the transition period and encourage them to make new friends. Introduce your kids to their new caregivers if you can. Whether it's a paediatrician, a dentist, or a childcare facility, the more they know at the start, the better.

Show them photos and maps of their new neighbourhood even if you cannot take them there physically. When you move, encourage them to find pen pals from far away and then meet up once you are settled.

You can help them adapt to their new surroundings by getting them involved in their favourite activities once you arrive. Taking ballet, sports, or music lessons can help your kids connect with other children in their new neighbourhood who share their interests.

Consider a Pre-Packing Service

When you move, you must give your full attention to your children. Their familiar surroundings are being uprooted for an entirely new experience. Packing will be handled by your removalists, so you'll have more time to get to know their new neighbourhood and make new friends.

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