Since your little one is here, you have discovered that your home isn't big enough to accommodate your growing family. Moving is necessary. You panic-because this is your first home removal with a baby. Let yourself relax. City Removalists expert removalists have some tips for helping you and your baby handle the challenge.

Follow a regular schedule!

Routine is vital to a baby's development. Make sure you pack early. Make sure your baby's schedule remains as normal as possible. When your baby snoozes at nap time or after going to bed for the night, pack while he/she snoozes. Don't interrupt your baby's routine if you find yourself falling behind.

Consider using your removalist's pre-packing service instead-and spend more time bonding with your new arrival.

Get your baby's paediatrician's approval before you start!

Your current paediatrician must send your baby's medical records to his or her new provider if you're moving. If you have prescriptions, make sure they are transferred to pharmacies in your new location as well. On your long journey to your new home, ask your paediatrician for tips on keeping your baby entertained.

Find a babysitter for your moving day!

Arrange for a caregiver to care for your little bundle of joy before the removalists arrive.

You should familiarize your baby with the caregiver well in advance so that the new environment feels comfortable. It is important that you protect your baby from becoming upset when his or her home environment suddenly becomes barren, devoid of favourite toys.

Ensure that the baby bag contains at least three days' baby supplies!

When you get to your new home, your baby will need a bag with three days' worth of supplies. This will give you time to unpack your belongings, especially if you had an interstate removal.

If you realize that something your child needs is buried beneath a mountain of boxes, don't panic. If you have all your baby's supplies in one bag, you'll be prepared no matter what happens.

Provide plenty of bottled water, nappies, pacifiers, blankets, clothing changes, favourite toys, and a few favourite items. Provide your baby with several bottles and formula if he or she is bottle-fed.

Start by unpacking nursery items!

Make sure your baby's crib, favourite toys, and other items are arranged similarly to how they were in your former home during the chaos of a move. You will see that your baby is settling in right away, paving the way for a smooth transition for the rest of your family as well.

Unpacking safely should be the top priority!

Ensure that cabinets containing vitamins, medicines, cleaning products, alcoholic beverages, and other hazardous items, like paint and paint thinner, are baby proofed after unpacking.

Keeping poisonous plants out of your baby's reach—or better yet, finding them a new home—is a good idea. When you unpack, keep your baby in its crib or another enclosed area, well away from stacked boxes.

Moving families with babies is a breeze with some advance planning and an experienced removalist. It may also be a good idea to investigate affordable removals insurance. You can also book your move with the baby-friendly removalists at City Removalists if you are looking for removalists in Eastern Suburbs.