Do you think moving across the country or across town can be challenging for you and your family during a home removal? You can imagine how stressful it can be for your dog.

Your removalist removals insurance can provide free moving boxes, packing services, and more so moving need not be a huge deal for you since you are a rational creature.


Unlike humans, dogs follow a routine. You may upset your dog with new routines, including the hustle and bustle of packing up belongings in boxes and arranging removalists.

The smells in your new home can also send your dog into an emotional tailspin when you move houses with a dog. Your dog may become upset when he or she senses that stranger the removalists -- have entered your home because of their developed sense of smell.

The scent left behind by your new home's previous occupants may also confuse your dog. City Removalists offers some tips for helping your pup adjust to your move as well.

Consistently time your meals and training

Keeping your dog on a normal schedule is the best thing you can do, says Kristina Lotz, a pet care expert. It is important to keep your dog's normal eating, training, and walking schedule.

Your dog should be kept in a familiar place during the house showings and the removal.

Consider letting a trusted friend or doggie day-care take care of your dog when you show your house and when the removalists arrive if strangers cause your dog anxiety.

Moving with your dog is a good idea.

Be sure to bring your dog along with you on moving day. If you are present to help keep your dog calm, he will appreciate it. It will seem as if your dog is just on another vacation with you when you take him along, this is very important on long distance trips like interstate removals.

Your dog should be vaccinated on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that state laws will differ depending on where you live. If you are moving to a new house, make sure you are up to date on all vaccination requirements. Take your dog's medical records with you to your new location and find a veterinarian who you trust.

Ensure your dog has the proper identification.

To avoid losing your dog during the moving process, consider having him microchipped. Have a tag on his or her collar with your new contact information at the very least.

Your dog's favourite toys and blanket should be brought.

Your dog's equipment shouldn't be taken by the removalists. Take a favourite blanket and toy with you when you travel. Take a familiar blanket and toy along with your dog if you will have to board him or her or fly him or her in cargo.

Leash your dog once you arrive.

It is possible for your dog to become confused at your new home. You may even find that he or she tries to run away to your old house. Leashes should be used until your dog has acclimated to the new home.

With these tips, moving house with a dog can be a stress-free experience, just as if you book your removal with City Removalists. If you are looking for a removalist in Parramatta, please call us on 1300 441 331.