No matter if you're a professional musician or just play for fun, you want your instruments to function well in your new home.

Make sure your instruments arrive in your new home in the same condition as they left when you plan a home removal.

The expert removalists at City Removalists have been moving pianos, musical instruments, fragile items, and valuable items for over 25 years. Here are a few tips to help you protect your valuable items during your move.

Moving with Brass Instruments

Despite their big sound and rugged appearance, these instruments have sensitive internal parts that can be damaged if jostled excessively, such as trombone slides or trumpet valves.

Their metal construction also makes them sensitive to temperature changes. Provide your removalists with directions on where to store them on the truck to prevent extreme temperature variations.

Before packing, ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated by oiling them. It is still essential to cushion them with soft cloth, paper, or bubble wrap, regardless of what case you use to store them.

It would be better if your removalists packed them for you. A professional musician is not a professional removalist. You can trust your removalists to protect your precious brass instruments, and this is especially important with long interstate removals.

Moving with Stringed Instruments

The soundboard of your guitar, cello, violin, or other stringed instrument will be especially sensitive to moisture changes since it's made from wood.

Ensure your removalists are aware of your stringed instrument so they can take extra precautions. Before you move, loosen the strings just a bit.

Thus, any expansion caused by changes in temperature will not cause damage. Make sure the strings are not as taut as they normally are but keep some tension in them.

In your new home, place your instrument in a place with similar temperatures and humidity levels as your previous one. Allow it to acclimate to its new home for a day or two before using it.

Moving with Pianos

There are a lot of internal parts in pianos, including strings, hammers, keys, and pedals, which are extremely fragile.

You can imagine how challenging it is to move a piano because of their massive weight.

Leaving it to your removalists is the best course of action. If they know how to cushion it, you can rest assured that it will arrive in a safe condition.

Temperature or moisture changes may cause it to be out of tune once it arrives. Give it a few days to acclimate to its new environment before you call the tuner. When pianos remain in their new location for some time, they often recover their original tuning.

Be Sure to Insure

You have invested a lot of money in your musical instrument. Even though your removalists are experts in handling musical instruments - and are insured themselves - you don't want to take any chances.

Make your move as stress-free as possible by purchasing removals insurance.

Hiring removalists who are experienced with handling a wide range of musical instruments will ensure a worry-free move for your instruments.

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