When two blessed events coincide, such as the arrival of a new baby and a promotion resulting in a home removal, you are first thankful for both. It's then that you feel panicked.

  • Can we move before the baby arrives if we must move?
  • If he must move now, what should he do?
  • Once the baby is born, do I stay here and move afterward?
  • If everything goes well and we don't have to move until the baby arrives, how in the world will we move with a newborn?

It doesn't take long for a thousand questions to cloud your initial happiness. It's no problem.

With City Removalists, you're in good hands. Having handled thousands of moves, including those involving newborns, they are experienced in handling everything. They will make moving with your newborn an adventure, not a chore with their experience and advice, and this is especially important with interstate removals.

Preparing for baby's arrival

Pregnancy with advanced stages or high-risk pregnancies: If you are almost due and your partner needs to move immediately, you might want to stay behind and have the baby first. You should have your baby with healthcare providers who are already familiar with your medical history during the pregnancy if you are able to get help from friends or family. In the case of high-risk diseases, this goes double.

Early or mid-pregnancy: We recommend getting some help with packing and unpacking from our experienced movers and packer’s service. It's not the same as toning your muscles by lifting heavy boxes.

Instead of heavy lifting, label boxes, sort through belongings, and drop off unwanted goods at charity centres. It is important that you interview potential healthcare providers at your new location to ensure their philosophy and birthing arrangements are compatible with yours.

Ensure that your current provider sends all your records to your new one so that they will have all the pertinent information about your pregnancy to help you during your later pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

Following the arrival of a baby, moving

It can be a stressful time when you move. You should pay plenty of attention to Baby. Make sure the little one is kept away from the packing and unpacking noises made by the removalists.

Pack the baby's 'first week' box in the same way as you would for adults in the family. If your child is bottle-fed, include plenty of nappies, formula, a breast pump, and sterilisation equipment. Make sure you pack plenty of clothes. New babies often spit up and have accidents. The first week won't be an issue if you have plenty of extras on hand.

Packing services can help you spend more time with your little one instead of packing. Despite the extra fee, the time spent with your baby will be priceless. It will be a lifetime of memories for you.

Make sure the removalists pack the new baby's things last: After everything else is loaded, ask them to pack the baby's things last. This will ensure that his or her crib, pram, and other equipment are the first things out of the truck.

To welcome a new member to your home, give them plenty of cuddles. You've made the right move for the future of your new arrival - and your new home.

We have a caring team of removalists at City Removalists who can help you plan your move. If you are looking for a removalist in Parramatta, please call us on 1300 441 331.