No matter how much they want to move, moving your elderly parents into a retirement village, assisted living facility, or just a new one-story home is still traumatic during a home removal.

The situation is especially true if the former residents have lived there for some time. The removalists might even make you misty-eyed if it is your childhood home. As a result, everyone involved may have to deal with a challenge. Here are some tips:

Don't rush them!

Be sure to book the removalists several months in advance so your parents won't feel rushed. It takes time for them to adjust to the change of location. You shouldn't pack away Great-Grandma's treasured clock that sat on her mantel just yet because emotions run high. Until your parents indicate they're ready, wait.

Ensure that they can keep their most precious possessions!

To your parents, a treasured memento may look like junk, but it contains precious memories. Your removalists should take extra care with high-value objects, either emotionally or financially. Tell your parents that these belongings will be protected on the journey to their new home, this is especially important on with interstate removals.

Pack your parents' things!

Help them pack their photo albums, old clothes, and knickknacks every week. Talk to them while they are packing these items. In addition to helping them relive fond memories, it will strengthen your relationship with them.

Visit your parents' new home several times!

Make sure they have several opportunities to experience their new home before they leave the old one. By doing that, they will be able to adjust to the move more easily. Allow them to imagine how their belongings will look in their new house. They will be more enthusiastic about the move as they see how their belongings will complement the interior of their new house. They will also become accustomed to leaving their former home after a few trips out.

Organize your parents' furniture once the removalists have left!

Make sure the furniture arrangement matches that of the furniture in your parents' original home if your parents have no preferences as to furniture arrangement. Having this information will make adjusting to their new home easier for them.

Stay in touch!

During the first weeks after your parents' move, it is especially important to visit them often. It is a good idea to encourage them to meet other residents or neighbours for social activities. Take them out to a local restaurant, library, or park so they can enjoy all the local amenities.

By following these tips, you might even encourage your parents to embrace the new adventure in their lives! The caring staff at City Removalists can assist you with your parents' move, as well as your own, if you are looking for removalists in Eastern Suburbs, please give us a call on 1300 441 331.