Australia's real estate market is booming as Australians invest to grow their income. They move out of their current homes and rent them out instead of selling them. You need to do a few things before the home removal to make room for your new tenant, whether you're planning to buy your next home or rent one.

You should avoid situations that could lead to injuries, complaints, and broken equipment to make things easier for yourself and your tenants.

Make repairs to your old home!

You should check for any possible problems in your home to ensure your tenants will be safe. You should have your heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electric systems inspected by professionals. Whenever something is broken or isn't working properly, fix it. By keeping your tenants happy, you will be able to retain them for a longer period.

Get rid of your old house and clean it up!

A sparkling-clean place for your tenants to spend their first few days is essential before they arrive. The rental market relies heavily on first impressions. Make sure all your belongings are out of the house before you begin cleaning so you won't miss anything. Organize everything into boxes and contact the removalists. You can have your belongings temporarily stored by your removalists until you are ready to move into your new home. Clean up after you've cleared everything out.

Make sure your lease agreement and rules are reviewed!

Discuss the lease agreement and any special rules with your tenants. Following that, ask them to sign the lease agreement once they have confirmed that they understand everything, this is especially important to consider during interstate removals. Provide the new tenants with your contact information before they leave.

Make sure the locks are changed!

Change the locks on your old home before your tenants move in. Your tenants won't be able to access your home after they move in if you have provided a duplicate key.

Collect the security deposit and first month's rent from your tenants!

You should have your security deposit and the first month's rent ready before leaving your home. You will motivate your tenants to pay on time in the future if you start off on the right foot.

Get settled in your new home!

Getting your belongings out of storage and enjoying your new home is the best way to pay for your mortgage or rent.

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