Your removalists will pack all your boxes with the utmost care when they arrive at your door to take them to your new home after your home removal. With the help of a pre-packing service, all your belongings will be safely transported to their new home. You don't want pests transported to your new home by your removalists.

What can you do to keep your new home pest-free?

Make sure you arrange for pest control at your new home two weeks before you move in. It's important that they get rid of any infestations well before you move in. As soon as you move in, make sure these unwanted guests don't return, this is the last thing you want if you have had an interstate removal and travelled all that way to be greeted by pesky bugs!

You should also arrange for pest control at your old home before packing up your belongings. Why? Without it, pests may hide in rugs, upholstery, or even in boxes, waiting for a free ride to your new home. Make sure they are gone before you pack up, so you won't have a problem when you arrive.

Ensure that your household pets are on an effective pest control regimen. It is important that your four-legged family members take regular medicine to kill internal parasites as well as flea and tick control medications to help keep these pests at bay.

Make sure your houseplants and outdoor plants are pest-free by using a pest control spray. You cannot see them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Pests of plants are often tiny. Ensure that your plants arrive at their new home without any six-legged hitchhikers by keeping them healthy.

Keep your kids and pets safe from these harmful chemicals as you prepare to keep your new home pest-free. There can be a lot of stress involved in moving. Make sure you remember basic safety rules during the hectic pre-moving time.

Pack up your belongings with child-proof locks if you have young children. It might even be a good idea to hire movers and packers to do your packing so you can focus on your children.

Before unpacking your new home, secure cabinets containing pest control chemicals and other dangerous substances with child-proof locks. When taking these chemicals with you, make sure they are packed in child-proof containers. It is possible for your children to get into these boxes while you are distracted with unpacking your belongings.

When you practice proactive pest control during the removal process, you'll move into a pest-free home. Have you got a move to do? We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your move.

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