Before your removalists arrive, you need to go through all the extra stuff you have stored in your garage, spare room, or closets. City Removalists can offer some tips on decluttering to make your move easier whether it be interstate removal or local.

1. Declutter


It is usually a flat rate per hour or per load for removalists. It is cheaper for them to pack and unpack fewer items. Additionally, you will have fewer items to unpack and stow away when you reach your new home. Start your new life refreshed and rested by cleaning up, that is very important when doing home removals.

2. Organize Your Belongings

You will want to keep some family heirlooms. You should set them aside so your removalists will take special care when packing them. Let's get to work with the rest of the stuff. Organize your packing room into four additional areas. To keep track of what goes where, label each area. You can choose from the following categories:

Toss: The pile contains unusable items that can't be repurposed, broken items, old catalogues, and other unnecessary documents. Put everything in your "Toss" pile into trash bags and place them in the trash bin when you're done. Make sure you dispose of hazardous items properly so that the environment isn't polluted.

Sell: It is possible to offset your moving expenses by selling outgrown clothes or sports equipment, costume jewellery that you received as a gift and never wore, or that stoneware set from the 80s that will look terrible in your new contemporary dining room if you hold a garage sale or sell them on Gumtree.

Donate: Your unwanted items may bring joy to people who don't have much. The charitable thrift stores, refugee centres, and battered women's shelters can recycle your usable clothes, toys, décor, and furniture so those less fortunate can get on their feet.

Furniture and fine China will also be important items to bring with you to your new home, along with family heirlooms and antiques. When you've gotten rid of unwanted items, sold them, or donated them, you'll need to pack the smaller items in the "Keep" section. Your removalist may offer free boxes if you are moving.

3. Your furniture and heirlooms are in the hands of professionals

You should leave the heirlooms and large items to the expert furniture removalists. Over 1,000 Sydney families rely on City Removalists every year, so you'll be in good hands if you choose them. You can contact us today if you require extra help decluttering your home! If you are looking for a removalist in Penrith, please give us a call on 1300 441 331.