You're done with your old house-or maybe you got an amazing job offer elsewhere. As a result, you want to sell your old home as fast as possible to purchase your dream home.

To increase the chances of finding a buyer who is eager, what can you do? Our moving experts at home removals have some tips for you.


The first step is to declutter your home!

You've probably heard this before, but attracting buyers requires it. Make sure you are ruthless. Storage and removals in Sydney are the ideal solutions for items you cannot bear to part with.

There should be plenty of storage space as well as living space for buyers. When a room is uncluttered and fewer belongings are inside cupboards and wardrobes, it feels more spacious -- and is more appealing to potential buyers. Pack up your extra clothing and shoes until moving day. You can move for free with our moving boxes, this is especially important on interstate removals.

Second, store your personal mementos!

You don't want to plaster your family portrait or your kid's name on the wall in huge wooden letters, buyers want to see their own belongings in a room. Choose artwork that complements your wall and drapery colours to create a balanced, tranquil space. Ask a friend who is good at home décor if you're not confident choosing art.

Make Your Furnishings Look Attractive

Look through home design magazines for inspiration. Enhance each room's best features by arranging furniture accordingly. If some of your furniture looks shabby, store or donate them. Hire a home staging business to provide furnishings that will work well in the room or rent or buy new pieces of furniture.

Perfectionism comes from attention to detail, so pile on the details!

The small touches make a room come together like nothing else. Look through those home décor magazines again. Check out the accessories they use in each room. There is a good blend of colours between the walls and other furnishings in the room.

Don't be afraid to add smooth metals, nubby fabrics, and natural woods to your accessories collection. You can add a touch of nature to your home by using plants and flowers. A bowl of fruit in the kitchen or dining room conveys a subtle message: This is the place to make memories.

Finally, use scents to entice buyers. During autumn and winter, cinnamon or apple-scented oils in a diffuser set the mood, while in spring and summer, fragrant flowers or berries create a fresh feeling.

These tips will help your real estate agent find a new buyer for your home much easier if you use them when preparing your home for sale. When the removalists arrive to move your belongings to your new home, all the hard work you have done will be rewarded. If you are looking for a removalist in Eastern Suburbs, please call us on 1300 441 331.