An important characteristic of any home removal service is the number of trucks they have. With five different categories of trucks, City Removalists has the right truck for any removal job you may have in mind.

Tonne Truck

4.5-Tonne Truck: is ideal for small removal jobs such as studio apartments, small offices, or moving one or two large items such as pianos, refrigerators, couches, and other large items.

6 Tonne Truck: Do you need removal services for a large apartment or house? There are several City Removalists categories, all of which are 6-tonne trucks with 35 cubic meters of capacity. With a 35 cubic meter capacity, you get a lot of space, especially if you consider the height of the truck. Boxes can be stacked one on top of the other, which makes it an ideal truck for medium-sized offices with up to nine workstations.

For your Interstate Removals, City Removalists will provide you with two (or as many as you need) trained professionals.

Don't be fooled by the truck's size and roughness; City Removalists trucks are equipped with modern cushioning mechanisms, ensuring a smooth ride for all delicate items, including servers, computers, laptops, printers, monitors, household cutlery and stereo systems. The goods arrive intact at their destination after being transported safely.

Tonne Truck

8-Tonne Truck:Up to 18 workstations can be moved from a large 3 to 4-bedroom house or office. It is possible to hire as many professional removalists as you need. Your material will be packed carefully, boxes will be labelled and loaded evenly so the weight will be distributed evenly throughout the truck. In addition to being carefully trained, City Removalists's drivers also make sure they drive smoothly, cautiously, and safely. Transportation of materials must be done in a safe manner.

10-12 Tonne Truck: 50-60 cubic meters of space that can carry 12 tonnes. It is especially suitable for large homes and offices with medium sized spaces. A well-trained team of professionals travels with the truck to ensure the material is delivered safely.

We have the right truck for any removal service need at City Removalists. If you are looking for a Removalist in Eastern Suburbs, please contact us on 1300 441 331.