In January 2022 we discovered with horror that our new Melbourne home would be inundated with dirty muddy flood waters. Our home would be flooded within hours or the very next day itself as the river levels rose and came inland, and there was little we could do. I had just moved from Sydney with my husband David. As a result, I had David to thank for not watching our hard-earned possessions dissolve in value in the muddy waters that threatened not only to enter our home but to drown us as well. After making a few phone calls, he called the local City Removalists office, which I later discovered to be the number he had called. I turned around and saw David saying, "Some people will be arriving shortly to move everything". “Where do you want to go?” I asked. “To some storage facilities he said. truck-in-flood
In about an hour, two small and one medium-sized trucks made it through flooded roads and sludge-filled lanes. Two crew members were in each. Upon arriving at our home, they moved stacks of empty carton boxes and bubble wrap into our house after talking to my husband and completing some formalities. A couple of hours later, the first of the filled boxes was moved into the waiting trucks despite heavy rain. They left as soon as the trucks were filled up. David told me each of the trucks would be stored at a different facility wherever space was available. In the aftermath of the floods, it appears that all storage facilities were full. Upon moving into the hotel, David later visited each storage facility to find the boxes that came from our home neatly stacked and properly labelled. The flood did not affect the storage facilities because they all remained dry. The office of the storage facility itself had to complete some insurance formalities. After the water receded and our home had been cleaned up, David called City Removalists to have our belongings moved back. In addition to unloading everything, the trucks helped setup everything the next day. Yes, City Removalists Eastern Suburbs Removalists charged us for their time and services, but we don't regret them, especially when they arrived promptly and saved tens of thousands of dollars in personal belongings. There was no comparison between the amount we paid, and the value of property saved. Especially happy was I when our neighbours also benefited from City Removalists' services. David says City Removalists did not mention the rain or flood even once, which other Northern Beaches Removalists made excuses about. That's great!