According to our team of experienced interstate removalists, you can make your upcoming interstate removal so much easier by following this simple checklist. Cross off each item as you complete it and breathe a sigh of relief at the end. Your only interstate removal checklist is below:

  • You can book the date and time of your home removal.
  • You should purchase additional removal insurance.
  • You can cancel your current service by calling your utility providers, including cable and satellite providers, electrical providers, garbage collection companies, and natural gas companies.
  • Your new home requires utility services, so make sure you sign up for them.
  • Refer your current providers to local medical and veterinary care providers.
  • As you travel, make sure your family and pets have medical and veterinary records.
  • Have your children's school records transferred to their new school or collect them?
  • Fill all your prescriptions and always carry them with you.
  • Traveling with young children or pets requires the following equipment: crates, food, and water for your pets; water bottles, diaper-changing supplies, and baby food for small children.
  • Make sure your new bank accounts are in the city you have moved to. In case you have a safe-deposit box, empty it, cancel the service, and carry it.
  • Make sure all flammable and hazardous materials are disposed of before you leave.
  • Make sure the soil around your indoor plants is moist before packing. Water your plants sparingly to avoid spilling water.
  • Make sure you back up all your computer files. Make sure you pack your electronic equipment in sturdy cases so that it is protected.
  • Make sure your lawn care equipment is completely drained of fuel.
  • Before you start, make sure your vehicle has been serviced. You should make sure your vehicle insurance is up to date.
  • When you arrive, pack several clear plastic containers with essential items you'll need right away, including cleaning products, toiletries, dental care products, pet food, bottled water, easy-to-prepare foods, bedding, and toilet paper.
  • Be sure to check your closets, drawers, cabinets, garage, and basement before letting the removalists take everything.
  • Be sure to turn off all the lights and appliances in your former home and lock it up.

Prepacking Saves More Time

Even though an interstate move requires a lot of preparation, you'll discover it's not as overwhelming as you first thought. Take advantage of City Removalists ' pre-packing service for even more time savings. As you prepare to say your last goodbyes, you can spend more time with your family and friends with our help.

Our moving experts at City Removalists can help you with your interstate removal or pre-packing services. If you are looking for removalists in Penrith or beyond, please call us on 1300 441 331.