You want to make sure you don't invite any unwanted guests into your new home before your home removal. You should have your new home and your old home pest-free before you pack up and leave to avoid bringing along any critters other than your pets.

Your carpets and other belongings can be infested with mice, pantry moths, clothes, and carpet moths, and even fleas-until you arrive at your new home.

Make Sure Your Home Is Free of Flying, Jumping Pests

Upon arrival at your new home, fleas and moths may lay eggs that hatch into larvae. Larvae themselves are difficult to see. Maintain an up-to-date pest control method for your pets as well.

Get rid of Rodents before the removalists arrive!

A mouse can squeeze into an opening of six to seven centimetres. Because mice are nocturnal, they won't sneak into your moving boxes. The next time you're home, they'll be waiting for a feed.

To avoid these pests—or others—hitching a ride with your removalists, hire a pest control company to inspect your home. Before packing up your belongings, have your home treated if any are found.

Maintain your old home's pest control if you're leasing it out!

When leasing your old home, make sure you schedule regular pest control inspections, even if your local laws don't require them. In a year, pests can cause a lot of damage to your home, affecting its value at resale time or your ability to rent it out.

Don't forget to treat your new home before you move in. Once you've arrived, keep a regular eye on your home.

Pest risks may increase with country removals

Moving to a rural location or an interstate removal is doubly challenging. If you leave more undeveloped land untouched, pests will have more room to flourish outside until you arrive. It won't take them long to find a way to come inside to enjoy a feast well away from their natural predators once they sense food inside.

Move preparations, such as pest control, may have put you behind schedule. Packing can be handled by your removalist.

When you've arranged with your pest control company, it's time to call the removalists. Contact City Removalists today if you need help moving across town, country or even if you need a removalist in Penrith, we are here to help, call us on 1300 441 331.