Whenever you are considering a home removal, you don't want to take all your clutter with you. You can save money by clearing it out before the removalists arrive to pick up your belongings, since most of them charge less for less stuff.

Clearing out your clutter will help you save money but take it one step further. If you throw a garage sale, you can cover some of the moving costs. You can throw the best garage sale in your neighbourhood by following these tips.

Put yourself in the shoes of a businessperson. What attracts the right buyers to successful stores? The right advertisements can make all the difference.

Attract the right buyers with online advertising!

Make a list of the belongings you would like to sell. Advertising in local camping enthusiast's forums and within your circle of friends and acquaintances is a good way to sell camping gear. Also, if you have old sheet music from your Aunt Addy, place ads in local music forums.

Make sure your posters are targeted at the right audience!

Consider your target audience when designing posters. Make musical notes the focus of your posters for the trunkful of music. Appeal to camping enthusiasts with camouflage colours. As well as others. Make sure your target buyers can see your posters where they hang out. It is said that 'what one-man discards, another man finds treasure'. The right people will buy what you sell - you just need to attract them!

Advertise well!

The items you want to get rid of before you move aren't just camping equipment, antiques, and fishing gear. There are probably some items you have lying around that would be of interest to the public, such as old dishes, clothing, or books. Make use of your social media profiles to advertise for free. You will spread the word to your friends.

Don't forget about the university crowd!

Remember when finding a used set of dishes at a garage sale was like finding hidden treasure when you were in university? University students all have one thing in common: a tight budget. Their Spartan digs are furnished with items you might consider useless (like chipped mugs, scratched furniture, or mismatched plates). Don't forget to advertise near a university if you live nearby.

Pre-sale day

Hire a removalist to provide you with some boxes before you hold your garage sale. Put items you don't want to sell back into boxes after the sale, so you won't have to pack them twice.

Today is the day of the sale

Organize your sale by type: Think about your favourite store again. For example, you can create a table for antique enthusiasts, and a table for book enthusiasts.

The display of merchandise sells better when it is staged, just as it does when it is displayed in a home. Don't be afraid to show off your items as well as you can. Using a throw that compliments the colour of your chair, for instance, will give it a visual pop. Make sure knickknacks are displayed on shelves so buyers can envision them on their own shelves.

For electrical items, make sure you have an extension cord: People often want to test electrical items before buying them. Extension cords make it easy for them.

Say 'thank you' and don't set firm prices!

It is important to set your initial prices with this in mind: people want to haggle. Garage sales appeal to people because they can do so. There's a sense of adventure involved. Bargain hunters love to find good deals. Take advantage of this and your merchandise will fly off the shelves. Please say 'thank you' as well. Getting the word out spreads quickly. A friendly seller attracts more buyers, just like any other business.

Sale wrap-up

Place your belongings in the removalists' boxes. The rest should be divided into two piles: 'Donate' and 'Throw Away'. As soon as possible, donate or dispose of these items so that these tasks won't interfere with your move, this is especially important with interstate removals as you only want what you are willing to take.

Moving to the next phase

After you've cleared out the clutter, you may be surprised by what you find. Check with your removalists to see if a 'leaner, cleaner you' can qualify for a lower price with fewer boxes.

Celebrate a successful sale with a dinner out with family and friends, then use the remaining proceeds to pay for some moving expenses. City Removalists offers expert removal services that can save you time and money during your move. If you are looking for a removalist in Penrith, please call us on 1300 441 331.