There was nothing you didn't like about your Sydney home. Nice neighbours, good schools, and a block big enough to have a lovely garden. It was then that your partner announced a promotion to you. The problem is, you'd need to move to Brisbane. It is near her office. Located in an apartment building, now its time for a home removal.


Gardening isn't possible there. How well do you know your neighbours? What's worse? In a week, she'll be gone, so you'll need to take care of all the arrangements. It's a recipe for stress, isn't it? As she drones on about the new office, cortisol builds up in your body.

Be aware that you are not alone.

You're not alone, first. According to psychologists, moving is right up there with divorce and even losing a loved one in terms of stress. An even greater challenge is when the move involves a drastic change in lifestyle, especially interstate removals.

Stress-Reduction Tips

Stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and retail therapy can help ease the burden. You may be able to move from stress overload to joyful anticipation by shopping for furnishings for your new place, like a windowsill garden box.

Your New Home Can Be a Nostalgic Sanctuary

Consider making at least one room like your current home. By creating a place where you'll feel at home, you're easing the transition. A feeling of familiarity can be created by curtains, furniture, or even wall art and photographs.

Prepare for moving day with help.

You should spend time with friends and familiar places before you face a move you'd rather not make. Say your goodbyes and create a mental picture that will accompany you wherever you go. Take advantage of moving and packing services if you can.

You can leave all the hard work to them. As a result, your routine will remain as normal as possible. In case you still haven't found work in your new location, you may want to use that extra time to go job hunting long-distance.

Create a checklist.

Even if you have extra help moving, a moving checklist can help you feel in control. By marking something as 'done', you are taking ownership of the move. The power of that is immense. The more control you feel, the less stress you'll experience.

Let your old home go with a farewell. Takeaway and bubbly will help you celebrate your friendship and new life. Don't forget to schedule another meeting.

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