Most people we know have made New Year's resolutions to "be more organized" in the coming year. While they may not know it, that new skill they learned for the New Year will prove invaluable when it comes to moving. The following organization tips from City Removalists will help you make your next home removal a success:

Create a Moving List

Cheap notebooks are easy to find. Pack each box using a numbering system. You should enter the box's number in your notebook before you pack it. The number should then be written on the box. Besides listing the number in your notebook, record the contents of each box as you pack it, this is especially important if you are moving long distance or interstate removals.

Have a Designated Packing Spot

Make sure a special place is set aside for packing. Here you can store pens or markers, sturdy tape, labels, notebooks, and boxes.

Make Sure You Have a Lot of Supplies

The number of boxes needed to pack a home's contents is often unknown to people who aren't removalists.

When you do have boxes, make sure they are strong enough to handle the rigors of moving. Supplies such as tape, markers, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and labels should be available. City Removalists can provide you with as many free moving boxes as you need for your move. We will take them back after the move. Our boxes are sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Buying only the best for our customers is our top priority.

Pack Light Objects in Large Boxes

It is possible that you will need to carry some boxes to other rooms once you have moved into your new home and the removalists have left.

Pack heavy objects in light boxes to make packing easier.

Use Colour Coordination to Make Unpacking Go Quickly

Make a list of the colours in each room of your new home in your notebook. Place the proper coloured labels on each box, near the place where you wrote the box number. Apply coloured labels to each door or doorknob leading into your new home.

Finally, Keep All Parts Together and Organised

To hold small parts, use envelopes or zipper bags. They should be kept with the appliance or piece of furniture that they belong to. You don't want to spend hours searching through boxes to find that missing screw.

If you organize before your move, you'll feel relaxed, in control, and ready to take on your new life. City Removalists are professional removalists can help you plan an easier removal or book a move, if you are looking for a removalist in Eastern Suburbs, please call us on 1300 441 331.