Despite not being a pianist, you certainly enjoy piano music. Aside from that, it's a pain to tune it when it's out of tune.

You are stressed out about your upcoming move. Can you trust the removalists with your "baby"? "Will you have to have it tuned again once it's in your new house?"

You're in good hands when you hire an experienced piano removalist, and you need that if you are considering an interstate removal.

The first thing you need to do is relax. A piano removalist with experience moving pianos will deliver your prized instrument in the same condition it was when the house movers loaded it up.

As for your piano, you're right to be so picky. There are a lot of variables to consider with thousands of parts, including two hundred strings. The uncertainty is compounded by your knowledge that even small variations in string tension can alter tuning.

Although pianos are built to last, if something goes wrong, you should purchase piano removals insurance.

However, your piano is a tough cookie just like all pianos. Your piano is built to withstand tons of string tension and generations of use, so moving is unlikely to damage it or knock it out of tune. Just in case, you should always get an online removals insurance quote for your belongings during home removals.

Most tuning challenges are caused by changes in the environment or flooring.

Nonetheless, the piano experts at Bruce Music say that a change in temperature or humidity can affect your piano's sound. Piano soundboards are made of wood, which expands and contracts because of changes in temperature and humidity. This can lead to a piano going out of tune if the tension in the strings is tightened or loosened.

I would like to remind you of one more thing. You might have to adjust your piano's footprint temporarily if your new home's floor is uneven. It might be necessary to put a shim underneath one of its legs in older homes to adjust it to a level height. If your piano isn't resting evenly on the floor, use a carpenter's leveling tool.

If you are moving into a new house, don't call the piano tuner until after a few weeks.

Refrain from calling the piano tuner immediately after arriving at your new house. Give it a couple of weeks to adjust to your new home's temperature and humidity. Call the piano tuner if you find that the temperature difference has changed the tuning.

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