When you're in the middle of a breakup, you're probably not thinking about a home removal. There will be a time when one or both of you will need to move.

You can reduce some of the stress associated with parting ways by following these tips from City Removalists  Removals.

Reason should be allowed to rule!

Even though breaking up is one of the most emotional moments of one's life, you must keep a clear head when deciding who should go and what should stay. Most important details are spelled out in the prenuptial contract, so married couples may have an easier time.

Whether a couple is in a partnership arrangement or married without a prenuptial agreement, their belongings must be divided according to their agreement. You might want to store the belongings in dispute at a neutral location until things can be resolved.

Both of you may benefit from temporary housing while processing your emotions in this challenging time. While you are waiting for an agreement about your common possessions, store the rest of your belongings and don't take any that are in dispute with you, especially if you intend on moving your belongings a long way away, akin to an interstate removal.

Even after a cooling-off period, consider having a mediator assist you in negotiating belongings and living arrangements.

Grieve with others!

During packing, you may think it's better to process your emotions on your own, but that's not the case. When you split up alone, worries, uncertainty, and even physical challenges can cause a downward spiral, says noted psychiatrist Edward Hallowell.

Find a trusted friend to assist you in sorting through your more emotionally charged possessions. If you don't want to deal with the grief of moving, consider paying a little extra for a moving and packing service so your removalists can assist and pack the rest of your belongings for you. Make the most of your extra time by visiting your favourite spa or restaurant.

Considering therapy can help you get through a difficult time if you're still feeling down emotionally. If your breakup was difficult, professional therapists can help you process your emotions more effectively.

Move on a day when your ex-partner is away!

Book a removalist appointment when your ex-partner will not be around. Seeing your belongings move out of the house, let alone seeing your partner during the process, can be stressful.

Your New Home is the Perfect Place to Treat Yourself

You won't be the same without your ex-partner's presence and belongings in your home, whether you're moving out or your partner is. You'll feel like it's a whole new beginning! Embrace new beginnings by decorating it with plants, positive and inspirational art, and soothing colours.

Get together with your mates for a movie or game night to mark the beginning of a new relationship. Make sure your meal is splurge-worthy, full of all your favourite foods.

Take a vacation or take a class: Dreaming of an exotic paradise? Interested in taking a self-defence, art, or writing class? This is your chance to enrich your new life with new experiences and new friendships. Discover a new way to enjoy life.

Breakups can be painful, but don't panic. For assistance with moving out today, get in touch with the friendly removalists at City Removalists if you are considering an removalist in Eastern Suburbs.