We all at one stage in our life owned a pet, whether big or small, animals are highly self-aware when it comes to change, they can be very territorial. When it comes to relocating from one place to another, City Removalists insist there are things you can do to make it easier for you and your beloved pets. Below are a few helpful tips to make your move along with your pets as stress free as possible, especially if you are considering an interstate removal.

Cat and Dog

Keep them away during the move

City Removalists understand when it comes to moving day, things can become a bit chaotic. These changes are not just stressful for those moving but for your pet as well. Keeping them away from the moving area is the best recipe. Perhaps, ask friends or family to look after your pet for a few hours as you move or place them with a professional pet carer for the day.

If that option is not available or you love your pet so much, you must have it nearby, consider putting them in an empty room. City Removalists suggest checking in on them regularly, leave them food, water, good ventilation, and some toys for them to play with so they are not bored.

Pet relocation companies

City Removalists strongly insist that you try and secure the services of a pet relocation company. They can be a blessing when it comes to large moves as they deal with animals daily and are well versed when it comes to dealing with animals of shapes and sizes. This will take the stress off getting your pet to your new place.

Understanding your pets personality

Pets are emotional and each have distinctive personalities, just like us. They can feel fear and anxiety but may reflect these emotions in different ways. City Removalists recommend trying to understand your pet’s behaviour as this will help you figure out what they’re feeling and more importantly, how they might react during periods of dramatic change.

Stock up and prepare a pet bag

City Removalists highly recommend keeping everything your pet needs in one bag or box. This will make it easier for you to access their food, toys, and grooming items when needed. Having everything your pet will requires in one place makes things much easier as you don’t have to worry about where each item is. This will also give you time to settle into your new place as you have the stock to keep your pet well fed, comfortable and entertained.

Keep their things nearby and familiar

City Removalists understand that your pets’ belongings will have a familiar scent, a scent of their old home. Keep all their belongings nearby and familiar. In their new location, it will be a new environment, scent, and territory. Make sure they are familiar with where their belongings are stored and try to mimic the way their belongings were set up in their old home as familiarity usually breeds contentment.

Keep to a routine

When you are considering home removals, insist that you adopt a routine that reflects what your pet us used to, as this will make moving easier on your pet. You may be able to adapt to the change well, but your pet will be more tied down to their routine. Stick to their regular mealtimes, potty times, and exercise schedule. This familiarity will give them security, happiness, and confidence. When the routine reflects what your pet is used to, they will become more comfortable with the change and adapt to their new lifestyle.

Signs your pet is not happy in their new location

City Removalists recommend that you pay attention to warning signs that may suggest your pet is not comfortable and need time to settle into their new surroundings. Some common behaviours that your pet may experience:

  • Constant barking or more than usual
  • Lack of sleep
  • Running out of your property
  • Odd toilet movements
  • Destroying property

Set the standard

Pets are highly intuitive and they can often detect if their owner is excited, stressed or upset. Try to remain calm and positive throughout the duration of your move. If you’re having trouble adjusting, your animal will pick up on this sense of disturbance and may have a detrimental effect on your pet’s mood as they often mirror their owner’s behaviour. City Removalists suggest getting enough sleep, eat well, exercise and plan the move accordingly as this will help appease the stress.

City Removalists suggest that you need to take into consideration not just your own needs, but that of your pet when you are considering moving, after all they have feelings too. If you plan accordingly, it will lessen the stress for not only yourself, but your pet too and that is what you both want.

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